Kehidakustány apartman
Kehidakustány Szállás

Panaco Apartment offers rest and refreshment for its guests the whole year!

In our Apartements, which for 2-3 persons or 4-6 persons gives comfortable wellearned rest,this Apartements consits of a bedroom, an american style living room(including the kitchen), a bathroom and a WC.
A sparc bed can be providid in case of a child(cot or chair bed).
(Cot or chair bed)

The kitchen is well-equipped for even cooking or eating.

Amenities of the kitchen:
Pot set, tableware, glasses, cutlery set, microwave, electric hot plate, refrigerator, coffee machine.

Toilet options: standing shower.

To the bedroom belongs a balcony, as well.

The digital television in the living room gives the opportunity of watching Hungarian or foreign channels.

Bedclothes and towels are also provided by us.
Parkplace just next to the apartment.
The thermal bath is about 500 m far from the house.

We wish You an exciting holiday at our apartment!
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